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Akkurat D offer services in web design. Elegant and user friendly design of websites - Akkurat D works according to your specifications at pre-agreed prices.

Akkurat D has designed and maintained various web solutions for businesses, sports clubs and associations since 1997. The solutions have included pure html-coded pages, asp, php but the focus area has been design with the use of publishing solutions such as Mambo, WordPress and Joomla.

Complete solutions to make available and update information on the Internet. Redesign of existing web sites or design of new web sites. Akkurat D can also be responsible for updating your web pages depending on your needs.

Akkurat D takes on small or more extensive assignments, and can perform registration of domains, installation on the Internet service provider's servers ensuring fully operational online website.

Content Management

Akkurat D design, install and customize websites for your needs based primarily on Joomla or WordPress.

Joomla! and WordPress are Content Management Systems (CMS) that contains the necessary functionality to get the information made available on the internet and keep it updated. Update your web site is done directly in the internet browser with your own login, and there is no need to purchase separate software.

Joomla and WordPress are the most used CMS tools, they are free, written in php and using a mysql database for storing data. This provides great flexibility in the choice of internet solution provider for website / domain adminstration.

The prevalence of Joomla and WordPress also means that there are many additional modules (extensions) that can be used to extend the functionality if desired. Many of these are free but there are also additional modules that must be paid for the license.

Akkurat D specializes in the design of templates for use in Joomla and WordPress, giving the website an unique look but still with the full CMS functionality available.

Joomla og WordPress have many similarities but also important differences with advantages on each side. The result is that the choice between which CMS to use on your webpages must be done based on evaluation of use, and how to structure and update information.

Please take contact and we can agree how D can customize web pages in a best possible manner for you and your organization.

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